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The Ultimate Guide to Managed IT Services


While more and more businesses partner up with third-party IT support companies to get managed IT services, there is still some speculation about what these services really are. To help you completely understand what managed IT services are, we have compiled a list of the services offered what you can expect from each one.

IT Consulting

This service includes enterprise-level IT consulting. A managed IT provider will:

  • assess your business needs
  • identify your current business IT-induced pain points
  • offer you a custom-tailored solution

IT consulting will also help you identify and cut out any redundancies in your business processes and reduce operational costs.

IT consulting services are designed to help you make the most out of the resources available to you at the moment. You’ll also get your business computing requirements assessed and presented with future business IT strategies, guidelines, and specific procedures.

Security Solutions

Living in the digital age, it’s necessary for every company to put in maximum effort to protect its digital assets, confidential customer data included. IT security solutions are costlier and can sometimes put a dent in a company’s budget, especially if you need a professional IT security expert on a payroll.

Managed IT services also include numerous security solutions that will be offered to you based on your current needs and state of your IT infrastructure. With managed IT security service, you will get hands-on enterprise-grade security for a fraction of the price.

Comprehensive IT Support

You’re probably aware that malfunctioning IT infrastructure can take a big chunk of your profits. Comprehensive IT support services are designed to minimize downtimes while maximizing profitability. 

Your IT hardware installations will get inspected and you’ll receive affordable IT support for a monthly flat rate. Anytime your computers fail, a professional will provide efficient analysis, determine the cause of the problem, and find and implement a solution. 

This service also includes business software licensing and ongoing updates to make sure that your business is always using the latest version of the registered software.

Remote Monitoring & Maintenance


Remote monitoring and maintenance services are designed to deliver constant upkeep to your business computing network. With proactive monitoring, and ongoing maintenance, you won't have to worry about your software and network updates and fine-tunes – as all of this will be done remotely by a service provider. 

Thanks to remote monitoring, the potential issues get spotted early on, allowing the IT technicians to solve the issue before it becomes a real problem.

IT Vendor Management

This service is designed to help you identify the solutions for the most sophisticated and time-consuming problems your business faces. Look at it as a virtual CIO service that will provide you with an easy-to-follow IT roadmap constructed to help your company become more profitable. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to choose the right software and hardware suppliers for your business.

Co-Managed IT

If your in-house IT team is flooded with tasks they can hardly keep up with, co-manage IT services are developed to lend in a helping hand. Without breaking the bank, you’ll be able to get help from skilled IT professionals and enable your in-house IT staff to maintain the quality of their work. 

Hopefully, now you understand the benefits of managed IT services. Outsourcing your IT, or some part of it, can help you streamline your IT management efforts, get access to enterprise-grade solutions, proactively address IT related issues, and plan for a brighter tomorrow. Contact the experts at Shartega Systems if you’re in the market for a managed IT system.


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