Shartega Systems offers managed IT support and many other services for a variety of businesses, including architecture firms. We understand what running an architecture business can entail, and the subsequent requirements when it comes to IT technology. We can help make managing your business easier than ever with our host of reliable IT services.

Get Dependable Outsourced IT Support for Architecture Firms

One of the key benefits of outsourcing IT services for architecture firms is the eliminated need for hiring in-house IT personnel, which can be time-consuming while potentially yielding poorer results.

With the help of our architecture firm IT services from Shartega Systems, you’ll be able to focus on what matters while remaining comfortable in knowing that experts are behind your technology.

Our outsourced IT services include:

Network security monitoring

Internet and telecom audits

DMS technology review and audit

Architecture firm IT roadmap and CIO services

Unlimited on-site computer and network support

Unlimited remote computer and network support

Web-based ticketing

24/7 network monitoring

Email and collaboration services

Vendor management

Managed print services

Reduce Expensive Downtime

Shartega Systems can help maintain simplicity in your IT infrastructure. Today’s technological advancements should make downtime almost entirely avoidable. Our reliable Shartega Powered Networks technology stack can protect your architecture firm from suffering any downtime resulting from failed connections or faulty equipment.

We’ll also interact with all of your IT vendors to make sure your technology and applications are operating with optimum efficiency. We’ll also ensure that your DMS connection is running the way it should and determine if your internet bandwidth is meeting your requirements.

Maintain Your IT Budget More Effectively

With outsourced architecture firm IT services, you won’t need to rely on an in-house IT professional along with multiple vendors to manage your infrastructure. You also won’t need to worry about hiring and screening the right IT personnel.

Shartega Systems provides several IT services to help maximize your company’s efficiency and deliver the peace of mind that you’ll experience with the ideal uptime. We’ll ensure your technology issues won’t get in the way of your company’s productivity and profitability in the long-term.

All of our services come with a flat rate and easy-to-budget plan that meets all of your needs. This means that regardless of the cost of a specific solution, you will still pay a flat monthly fee and avoid overspending on IT at any point.

If you would like to learn more about how to enhance your architecture firm’s IT with a solution from Shartega Systems, give us a call at773-635-5100.