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What Is An MSP?

A managed service provider (MSP) is an IT department that businesses partner with to receive ongoing IT support and services.

Our dedicated team ensures your infrastructure and people have the tools, support, and security they need. 

Trust us to handle your IT needs while you focus on driving success and growth.

Managed services model benefits
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Managed IT Services

What We Do

We solve problems by aligning technology solutions with your business objectives, while providing ongoing support. Hover over the tiles below to learn more about our services and what they offer!

Support Services

Support Services

The Support team is here to resolve issues, and provide training and guidance to help users better understand how to use technology effectively.

Centralized Services

Centralized Services

Our Centralized Services ensure standards and your baseline technology are running properly. 

Professional Services

Professional Services

Professional Services help your organization plan, implement, and manage complex IT projects.

Technology Alignment

Technology Alignment

Technology Alignment works with you to understand business needs and goals and assess how technology can be leveraged to meet those needs.

Virtual CIO

Virtual CIO

The vCIO meets with you to discuss your current infrastructure, identify areas of risk, review goals, and provide recommendations to help your business.

Our solution

What Is Included With Managed IT?

Our solution consists of several essential technology services for businesses provided together as one package for a fixed monthly price.

Client Reviews

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Managed IT services are provided by a managed service provider (MSP). Partnering with an MSP is the simplest way for a business to get access to certified IT personnel and vital technology services like a 24-hour help desk, 24/7/365 network monitoring, onsite support, cyberthreat protection, and hardware/software recommendations and procurement.

Having an MSP allows you to have peace of mind that your network and devices are being monitored and secure at all times. If any problems arise, the help desk is reachable by phone call, email, or app. The other main benefit is that pricing is a fixed monthly subscription based on how many computer users are in your organization.

Most of the businesses we work with have between 20-200 employees, and these are the clients that benefit the most from managed services.

If you are just looking for technology that works and have no interest in fixing IT problems yourself or hiring in-house IT staff, we can deliver the technology experience you are looking for.

Our main office is located in Des Plaines, IL. We serve businesses anywhere in the Chicago area along with some areas of Wisconsin and Indiana.

We can work with companies in any industry, but here are some examples of who we work with currently:

    • Marketing/advertising agencies
    • Auto dealerships
    • Wealth management/financial advisors
    • Medical offices
    • Nonprofit organizations

Book a discovery call with our sales team or fill out a contact form and we will get back to you with more information.

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