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“The way technology is advancing, you need a company to help, you can’t do it yourself.”

Standing for quality and complete satisfaction the Ettleson name has been a staple in Chicagoland car business since 1968. Well known for their commercials and slogans, Ettleson ran the #1 Chevrolet dealership in the nation! With over 50 years of experience and success Ettleson Auto Group is now made up of award winning Hyundai, GMC, Buick, and Cadillac franchises.


“We needed a solution that could handle our needs…”

Darren Dandre, an Executive for Ettleson Auto Group, broke down the challenges their company was facing back in 2018. “We needed a solution that could handle our needs. Whether someone needed help at 9 o’clock on a Saturday night or 7 o’clock on Monday morning.” The Ettleson Auto Group was using a smaller MSP that was struggling to keep up with the demand of Ettleson’s needs. They needed guidance and a Roadmap. When the company got hit with a virus that spread throughout their network, the issue was not being resolved soon enough. It was the final straw, the dealership needed a company that could handle their needs.


“We were too big for a smaller MSP.”

The solution was Complete IT Pro. Complete IT Pro combines vCIO services, 24/7/365 Help Desk Support, Onsite Support, Security Services, Network and System Monitoring, and expansive reporting. Shartega immediately addressed Ettleson’s security concerns and were able to contain and eliminate the virus. Shartega was able to identify needs to improve their network. The Shartega account team was able to lay out an IT Roadmap that defined where their business was from a technical standpoint, as well as planning for the future.


“We just don’t need to worry about IT anymore…”

Ettleson Auto Group invested in building on the foundation they had and came out with a robust IT infrastructure. Addressing a few upgrades to their equipment as well as compliance needs from their Franchise they can rest assured knowing that they have all areas of their IT covered. “We just don’t need to worry about IT anymore. Things are a lot better around here because of Shartega.”

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