Referral Programs

Creating Community Through Connections

We believe in creating connections that not only drive business forward but also make a significant impact on our community. That’s why we’ve introduced a special partnership with Turning Pointe Autism Foundation (TPAF) as part of our referral program. Whether you’re a long-standing client or a new friend of Shartega IT, your referrals can now pave the way for positive change.

Make a Difference with Every Referral

Enhance Your Network's IT Solutions

Support Autism Foundation with Each Referral

Showcase Social Responsibility

Unlock Exclusive Referral Rewards

Contribute to Community Growth

How It Works

Refer a Business

Share the details of a business that could benefit from Shartega's IT services solutions. Whether you're in automotive, wealth management, or any sector in between, your recommendation is valuable.

We Reach Out

Our team will connect with your referred business to explore how Shartega can support their IT needs.

Supporting TPAF

If your referral results in a new Shartega IT partnership, we'll make a donation to Turning Pointe Autism Foundation (TPAF). A successful introduction leads to a $250 donation, and if it converts to business, we’ll contribute 1 month's worth of the new client's service fees up to $10,000 to TPAF.

Exclusive Rewards for Your Referral Efforts

When you participate in Shartega IT’s referral program, your goodwill doesn’t just extend to the community and the businesses you help. We believe in acknowledging your efforts directly with rewards that offer tangible benefits:

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These rewards are our way of saying thank you for helping us connect with businesses that can benefit from our services and for supporting a cause that makes a difference in the community.

Why Participate?

Impactful Contribution

Your referral doesn't just open doors for superior IT solutions but also supports TPAF in their mission to assist individuals with autism.

Strengthen Your Network

Introducing Shartega IT to your contacts can enhance your business relationships, showcasing your commitment to quality IT support and community involvement.

Rewarding for Everyone

While you help TPAF, your referred business gets the chance to experience Shartega IT's bespoke IT solutions, tailored to their unique challenges and needs.

Make Your Referral Now

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A Partnership for Progress

Participation in Shartega IT’s referral program is open to everyone, ensuring a simple and rewarding experience for both the referrer and the referred business. Specific program details ensure that every referral is a step towards enhancing IT solutions and supporting our community.

Together, We Create Impact

Each referral bridges the gap between innovative IT solutions and the businesses that need them, all while contributing to a cause that matters. Let’s collaborate to foster a network of growth, support, and positive change.

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