Ebook of Cybersecurity Awareness Training Overview

Cybersecurity Awareness Training Overview

Having a security awareness training program in place is required by law for several industries. Learn how you can access specialized training for your employees in this overview.


Stay On Top Of Threats

Cybersecurity awareness training is an essential part of an organization’s security strategy. It helps employees understand the risks they face, how to mitigate those risks, and what to do if they come across suspicious activity.

Simulate Attacks

Phishing Simulations

Teach employees how to avoid attacks with thousands of sophisticated phishing email templates. Suspicious emails can be marked and quarantined using PhishNotify and analyzed later by our security team.


Select The Type Of Training That's Right For Your Company

Select from multiple interactive training programs, stay compliant with industry-specific training requirements, and take training based on your role in the company.

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