5 Physical Security Measures Every Business Should Take

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5 Essential Physical Security Actions for Every Business


In recent years, many organizations have focused more on software-based approaches to network security — such as firewalls, encryption, and anti-virus software. Despite the larger role software and virtual components play in the overall corporate IT security picture, physical security remains the foundation upon which all other elements of an overall IT security strategy rely. Yet all too often, business owners who may have heard ‘good things’ about software, or are simply excited to get up and running with their new solution, will overlook the importance of ensuring that the network and its components have been protected at the physical level.

Here are some vital physical security tactics you can employ!

Add A Video Surveillance System

Video surveillance can be an excellent deterrent against crime and vandalism. However, you don’t want to become a walking surveillance camera yourself! Fortunately, there are many digital cameras and other devices that can record in high definition and provide instant playback of video footage on your smartphone or computer.

If you have staff who work late hours, they may not always be there when you return at the end of the day. Having a video surveillance system installed will allow you to see who has been coming and going during the day. It also gives you peace of mind that nothing is happening in your place of business while you are not there.

Access Control

A commercial access control system lets you regulate access through door locks, user identification cards and other technologies. The system protects your business from unauthorized entry and helps prevent theft, vandalism and employee abuse. You can also use it for tracking employees’ movements throughout the day so you know where they are at all times and when they’re coming or going from work.

Here are some common methods that an access control system can verify your employees’ identity:

  • RFID cards
  • Key fobs
  • Pin number/password with keypad
  • Phone app
  • Biometric identification

Lock Up Your Server Room (And Servers)

Servers are usually kept in a room or small closet and run unattended on their own. The regular employees that are in the office day to day probably won’t ever have any reason to go into the server room.

Access should be limited to specific IT department personnel who you are familiar with. Securing the room with an access control system and camera as mentioned above is the best solution, since having a normal key could result in keys being passed around. With a camera system in place, you can be sure that only the IT members you specify are accessing the room.

Having racks and cages that can be mounted to the floor can also ensure that your equipment is impossible to steal.

Keep Backups More Secure In The Cloud

If your business is still using onsite backups like hard drives, CDs, or magnetic tapes, that is another thing that is prone to data theft. Keeping these secure is important, but the better option would be to switch over to a cloud backup solution like Acronis Cyber Protect.

Having your backups situated in the cloud guarantees protection from disasters and theft, and also allows you to perform regular backups much more easily. You can access your data from any device and redundant drives will allow you to recover anything that might be lost.

Proper Lighting

Having good exterior lighting outside your workplace not only makes your employees feel safer when they need to be at the office after dark, but also can prevent an intrusion.

Like video surveillance, lighting can act as a powerful crime deterrent. If someone walks up to your building after dark and there are bright, motion-sensor lights that turn on automatically, they probably wouldn’t bother trying to enter.


When it comes to physical security, there’s no substitute for common sense. But when most businesses and organizations think about it, they still tend to focus too much on their connected devices while neglecting the simplest security measures that can prevent disaster. To help you build a better defense against physical attacks, we highlighted five crucial but often overlooked physical security measures. Here’s hoping that this helps you get ahead of the pack.

Feel free to reach out to us if you’re looking to implement access control, surveillance, or switch over to cloud backups. We’d love to chat with you!

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